WPC Composite Decking Canberra

WPC Composite Decking Canberra

  • Double sided reversible boards
  • Comes in 140mm width and 23 mm thickness
  • Solid Nextgen Composite decking material
  • No toxic chemical preservatives
  • Fully compliant with the NCC and BCA for Residential & Commercial Applications


Are you looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space in Canberra? Look no further than WPC composite decking. WPC, which stands for Wood-Plastic Composite decking, is a revolutionary NextGen decking material that offers the perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, and low maintenance. If you’re in the Canberra region, here’s why you should consider WPC composite decking for your outdoor project.

1. Durability for Canberra’s Climate: Canberra experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year, from scorching summers to chilly winters. composite decking is designed to withstand these extremes. It is highly resistant to fading, warping, and cracking, making it an ideal choice for Canberra’s climate.

2. Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional timber decking that requires regular staining and sealing, composite decking is virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t splinter, and you won’t need to spend hours sanding or resealing it. This means more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time on upkeep.

3. Eco-Friendly: Our NextGen composite decking is an eco-friendly choice. It’s made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic, reducing the demand for new timber resources. This sustainable option helps you contribute to a greener environment.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: WPC composite decking comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to achieve the look you desire for your outdoor area. Whether you prefer a classic wood grain appearance or a contemporary sleek finish, you can find the perfect style to complement your home in Canberra.

5. Slip Resistance: Safety is paramount, especially around outdoor spaces. Composite decking board are ideal for pool surroundings because it offers excellent slip resistance, even when wet.

6. Longevity: Thanks to its resistance to rot and insects, composite decking can last for decades, ensuring your investment provides long-term value.

When it comes to composite decking in Canberra, quality installation is key. Make sure to work with a trusted and experienced decking contractor who understands the unique requirements of your project.

In summary, if you’re seeking a durable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing decking solution for your Canberra property, WPC composite decking is the ideal choice. It’s tailor-made for the Canberra climate, offering lasting beauty and performance. Transform your outdoor space and elevate your lifestyle with WPC composite decking in Canberra.

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