Artificial Turf FAQs

Why Install Artificial Grass Instead of Real Turf?

Artificial Grass gives you a lovely soft and lush feel under your feet all year round. There is no need to mow, fertilise or to use toxic weed killers. Spend your weekends doing whatever you desire and have a wonderful looking lawn at all times.

Does Artificial Grass come in different varieties?

Yes. There are many different types of Artificial grass with respect to the height, thickness, how realistic it looks etc. Click here to see the types of Artificial grass we supply. Artificial grass is also known as artificial lawn, artificial turf, synthetic grass, synthetic turf, synthetic lawn. Also previously known as fake grass, fake lawn, fake turf, AstroTurf.

Can Artificial Grass Be Installed Over My Existing Lawn or Sand?

No, it can’t. Artificial grass is similar to pavers in that the ground needs to be prepared and all old turf removed either through turf-cutting or spraying. Sand is not a stable base form and cannot be installed over.

Can Artificial Grass Be Installed Over Concrete, Bricks or Pavement?

Yes. Artificial grass can be installed on concrete and paving surfaces.

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

There are many factors that affect the price of Artificial grass. Our artificial grass prices are realistic and competitive.

How Do I Maintain Artificial Grass?

Very little maintenance is required. Just sweep off any leaves or gently use a leaf blower. You can hose off any spills or pet messes. For pet solids, you just scoop up in the traditional way. You can hose or wipe down with cold water if required. To lift the fibres just use a broom to sweep in the opposite direction to your view point.

What is Artificial Lawn Made From?

Our artificial lawn products made from Synthetic Turf fibers which are heat resistant.

Is your Artificial Grass Flammable?

No, Our Artificial Grass products are not flammable.It’s been tested with CSIRO for color fade,UV & heat resistenance.

Does Water go Through the synthetic grass and What About Surface Water and Drainage?

Yes, Our synthetic grass products have drainage holes and water can easily drain through the synthetic grass product. We will take care of the drainage as a part of the synthetic grass installation service we offer.

Can Synthetic Grass get install near my pool and What About Pool Chemicals?

Our Synthetic grass is well suitable product next to swimming pools as the water does not affect it. We have done many installations around Pools in Canberra and salt water will not damage the artificial grass.

Can I put a BBQ on my Synthetic Grass?

You can put the BBQ on pavers to protect the artificial grass.

Does your supplied Artificial Grass Get Weeds?

From time to time weeds may appear around the edges but they are easily taken care of.

What if I Spill Drinks or Food?

Most food or drink is easily cleaned of the artificial grass with water.

What holds the Synthetic turf down?

We use U pins throughout our synthetic turf installations and also Silica Sand infill will also help to hold the synthetic turf down.

Does your supplied Artificial Grass Get Weeds?

From time to time weeds may appear around the edges but they are easily taken care of.

Are your Artificial Grass products safe for Kids & Pets?

We gurrantee that our artificial grass products are free from heavy metals and toxic chemicals. We wouldn’t supply a product that we weren’t happy to use for our own families and much-loved pets. The design and installation of our Ultra High Density artificial grass means that it complies with “soft fall” requirements around play equipment or areas where kids play and run. As a result, our artificial grass surface is often soft, safer than traditional play surfaces.Call us 0433677402 to inquire.

What happens to the Synthetic Turf when it Rains or Snows?

The water drains through the synthetic turf and so does the snow when it melts.

Does your supplied Artificial Grass Get Weeds?

From time to time weeds may appear around the edges but they are easily taken care of.

Are your Artificial lawn products suitable for the Australian Climate?

Yes. Our Artificial lawn products have been designed for Australian conditions. The yarn is UV stabilised and designed to withstand our heavy summer storms. This means you can be guaranteed of a consistently high-quality product with full local warranty and support for the life of your product. We also done extensive testing with CSIRO make sure these products stand well in harsh Australian climate.

How does your Synthetic Turf products compare with other suppliers in Canberra?

Our Synthetic Turf products are much thicker than most on the market and these products are high dense which provides soft lush natural looking surface for you and your family.

Do you Install to Manufacturer’s Specifications?

Absolutely. Some installers cut corners with their installation in order to save costs, skimping on the density of base, pinning or brushing in the wrong sand in-fill on top of the pile. Unfortunately, this means the manufacturer’s warranty is voided and reduces the longevity of the product. We don’t cut corners with our installation. All of our artificial turf installations meet our manufacturers guidelines, which means you receive years of hassle-free enjoyment of your synthetic grass installation.

How are the Artificial Grass products installed?

We have professional installers who can install artificial grass products for you or we can provide the information required for DIY installation.

Can I Install the artificial turf products myself?

We always highly recommend to hire a professional artificial turf installer for peace of mind and a great outcome however, we also offer installation and maintenance instructions if you are up for a DIY challenge.