Synthetic Turf Adhesive Canberra

Synthetic Turf Adhesive Canberra

  • Comes in 20 ltr packaging and Green Color.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months if stored in cool, dry conditions in original, unopened containers.
  • Storage: Store in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight below 25°C and away from naked flame or sources of heat


Evergreen Supplies  solvent-based multigrass adhesive for synthetic turf and external sports surfaces in canberra. Bostik Multi-grass Adhesive has an excellent water resistant bond which is ideal for outdoor applications. Rain on the bonded surfaces will not disturb the bond with synthetic turf even if the adhesive  area becomes flooded.

Recommended uses,

    • Synthetic Turf
    • Concrete  Surface
    • Rubber chip mat
    • Timber Surface

With excellent early bond strength Bostik Synthetic turf Adhesive prevents edge curling and resists water and weather deterioration.