Synthetic Lawn Comfort Elite

Synthetic Lawn Comfort Elite

  • Made for Austalian Synthetic Lawn
  • Suitable for High Traffic & Kids Playing areas.
  • Very soft when you touch and creates heavy- weight landscaping solution
  • COOLTech cooling technology
  • Excellent Drainage with 15-year warranty
  • Pet & Kids Friendly


Synthetic Lawn Comfort Elite is a multi-coloured artificial grass  yarn made with COOLTECH cooling technology. This Synthetic Lawn Comfort Elite Synthetic lawn product is a heavy weight turf product and ideal landscaping solution comes with natural thatch colours which provides you with a very real and soft finish.

Longer Warranty: We offer 15 years warranty on these products.

Allergy friendly – According to national health surveys,pollen related allergic rates are the highest in the ACT (Canberra), where 1 in 5 people reported suffering from long-term allergic issues.

Aesthetics – Using our high density turf products your lawn will look maintained, lush and perfect throughout the entire year. These are perfect products for the warm Australian climate.

UV stabilised – Our products are UV stabilised.Click here for more information about other products. Visit Our facebook Page for installed pictures.

COOLTECH cooling technology helps to keep your lawn cooler in hot weather.

Multi-coloured high pile height and natural thatch colours provide a soft and real finish.

15-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Allergy-friendly option for those suffering from pollen-related allergies.

High density turf products ensure a well-maintained and lush lawn all year round.

UV stabilised to prevent fading, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor spaces.

Features and Benefits: Highlight the features and benefits of the Comfort Elite synthetic lawn product. Some possible features include the multi-coloured higher pile height, COOLTECH cooling technology, and natural thatch colours. Benefits could include easy maintenance, allergy-friendliness, and durability.