Putting Green 20mm

Putting Green 20mm

  • CSIRO tested UV Stabilised product
  • Suitable for High Traffic & Kids Playing areas.
  • Suitable for Sporting Activities
  • Dark Green Color Natural Look & Soft Feel
  • Smart Cool Technology
  • Excellent Drainage
  • Pet & Kids Friendly
  • Smart Drain Technology


Sporting Surfaces – Evergreen Putting Green product is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor sporting environments, gyms,golf course, tennis courts or soccer ground. They are easier to run on  any than sporting surfaces like rubber. It can ben used for mini golf, cricket, lawn bowls and any other sporting activities that you might want to play in your backyard. It can also be adapted for commercial use.

High Durable – Our Putting green product is one of  toughest turf with strong interlocking fibers and a durable backing. It is designed to withstand all kinds of high impact sporting activities and still look top notch. It’s hard-wearing nature is safe for  athletic activities like sled pushing, bike riding, weight lifting, resistance training, bowling etc. You will not see it develop tears or holes from equipment and sporting usage.

Eye Catching Appearance – It provides great sporting surfaces for outdoor and indoor sporting activities.

High Quality & Non-Toxic: We always choose the best materials for our remarkable Astro Turf, making sure they are non-toxic. This way your sporting facility will remain as good as new for many years, guaranteed to last 7 years and even more with proper maintenance. The colour will stay vibrant, the yarn will not flatten and your turf will not develop stripes in its appearance like many cheaper alternatives.

Free of chemicals & Non-Toxic – We source turf products made of best materials and make sure they are non-toxic. By doing this we make sure your sporting areas will remain in best condition for many years to come and  more then 7 years warranty perion with proper maintenance. Also, As the turf doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilisers like real turf you can be confident that you are reducing your exposure to chemicals to your family.

Easy to install: It’s easy to install, cleanand maintain. Easily cut to fit your exact requirements

Manufacturer’s warranty – Most of our products come with a full manufacturers’ warranty so if you have any issues with your product we can replace it through the warranty.