Pavlock Interlock Paving Sand

Pavlock Interlock Paving Sand

  • Ideal for clay, concrete, reconstituted and stone pavers.
  • Simply sweep evergreen pavelock sand into dry pavers.
  • Evergreen pavlock activates with a fine mist spray, gels and cures to form a hard durable paving joint.
  • Store in a dry environment off concrete floors in the original unopened bag.
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Evergreen Pavlock Interlocking white paving sand is available in stock. Sand used for sweeping into joints of concrete paver surfaces.

  • Prohibits weed growth
  • Inhibits insect infestation
  • High compression strength and durability
  • High-quality, pure and well-rounded quartz grains
  • Lasts long

Evergreen interlock Paving Sand is a fine quality sand suitable for filling gaps between concrete and clay paving blocks and bricks. This product is mainly use in outdoor and indoor paving, footpaths, patios and areas of high traffic areas. We have them available in stock in 25 kilo packaging.