Evergreen Classic Summer 30

Evergreen Classic Summer 30

  • CSIRO tested UV Stabilised Turf product
  • Suitable for High Traffic, Kids Playing area & commercial applications
  • Mixture of  Dark Green & Multiple Brown Color Natural Look & Soft Feel
  • Smart Cool Technology
  • Excellent Drainage
  • Pet & Kids Friendly


Evergreen Classic Summer 30 mm Artificial Grass – It’s  a  four color shorter pile height Dark Green, Light green & brown  color  dense, Super Ultra Dense range. Evergreen Classic Summer 30 is mixture of neutral light & dark green , brown & green  yarn for a natural look and soft plush feel.

Eco-friendly Artificial Lawn Products – Using Evergreen Artificial Lawn products no requirement to maintain or water the turf, which makes it a great water-saving product.

Cost-saving on Fertilizers – As there is no requirement for watering or mowing or fertilise to maintain the turf you will be saving on time and ongoing cost.

Allergy friendly – According to national health surveys,pollen related allergic rates are the highest in the ACT (Canberra), where 1 in 5 people reported suffering from long-term allergic issues. Artificial Turf product is perfect for use in an allergy-prone household. No allergies caused by grass cuttings or pollen.

Aesthetics – Using our high density turf products your lawn will look maintained, lush and perfect throughout the entire year. These are perfect products for the warm Australian climate.

Looks Real – Multi Color synthetic turf yarn makes it high-quality turf  which looks and feels just like the real lawn.These turf  yarns carefully pieced together to provide the realistic look and feel of real grass. Evergreen artificial grass feature a 4 tone color and pattern design and have most realistic look in Canberra market.

Free from harsh chemicals – As our Artificial Lawn doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilisers like real lawn you can be confident that you are reducing your exposure to chemicals making it friendly for your whole family including your pets.

UV stabilised – Our products are UV stabilised which aids in the prevention of fading.We have tested these products with CSIRO to make sure these products are safe for harsh Australian Climate.

Manufacturer’s warranty – Longer warranties, if you have any issues with your product we can replace it through the warranty.

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