Artificial Grass Underlay – ShockPad

Artificial Grass Underlay – ShockPad

Artificial Turf Underlay 10mm & 35mm



Evergreen Shock pads can provide a way to add safety and resilience to the artificial grass surface. A shock pad increases the playability and safety of an artificial turf surface and keeps the surface at a top level for longer. Our artificial grass shock pad provides a comfortable and natural cushioning surface for residential and commercial applications.
It does provide excellent water drainage makes it a very popular product for football, soccer, rugby, hockey, playground, multi-purpose area , putting green and landscape application around canberra. It is also very light in weight, can be easy to carry and easily installed as an underlay for grass with very low labor cost.

Evergreen Shock Pad Features

1. Our Evergreen shock pad underlay is very easy to install because of light weight it’s easy for handling. Only less then a day needed to finish a standard size football field.
2. Closed cell PE foam doesn’t absorb water; Which makes the installation can occur in any climate.
3. Since edges of our shockpad underlay are cut neatly, all joins can be securely clerly.
4. The unique design of evegreen shock pad offers excellent water drainage and avoid swelling or shrinking and thus the dimension always remains stable.
5. Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound.
6. Heavy-duty machine is not a  problem and it can be move on its flat surface.
7. Product is available in 1.5 meter x 36 meter roll length can be tailored to the field size, which reduces waste and labor force to utmost.

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