Artificial Grass Deodorizer Infill Canberra -$33/15 Kg Bags

Artificial Grass Deodorizer Infill Canberra -$33/15 Kg Bags

  • Synthetic Turf Infill Product of Australia
  • It is safe for kids and animals
  • 100% organic, is certified by Australian Organic Limited
  • Controls the most offensive odors, doesn’t just mask the smell
  • Keep  ‘cool’ your synthetic grass through absorbed water evaporating
  • Only apply during time of installation.
  • Removes pet urine from your Artificial Lawn Surfaces!!!
  • Comes in 15 Kilo Bags


 We supply SmellBgone Pet infill  for synthetic turf surfaces. It functions very similar to  sand in appearance and can be used as an alternative for synthetic grass surfaces. It eliminates odors,  ammonia in the urine of animals and the bacterial growth which occurs.

SmellBgoneIinfill  is the product of an organic group of minerals that are basically hydrated calcium potassium sodium aluminosilicates which occur naturally in our environment.

SmellBgone Infill  functions by killing   the ammonia  in dog urine on artificial grass (or any other pet urine) , you will eliminate any smells on your artificial grass surfaces.

SmellBgone Infill is  100% organic Australian product that has certification by Australia Organic Limited.
The product can be applied straight after installation of synthetic Turf by spreading evenly or using sand spreader and applying stiff brush or power broome in to the turf area.
As a guide, the Synthetic Turf application infill  ratio would be:
Small Dogs 5 -7kg per sq/m
Large Dogs 10kg per sq/m
Multiple Dogs 15kg per sq/m

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