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Silica Sand Grass Infill 25Kg Bag

We supply artificial turf sand infill in canberra. Silica Sand Synthetic Turf Infill is an essential part for your Artificial Turf to help the turf fibres stand up straight and for your grass look natural. Some added advantages are,

  • Silica Sand holds grass in Place.
  • Sand infill helps to add stability to the synthetic turf fibres, which helps them to stand more upright.
  • Silica Sand protects synthetic turf from ripples and ridges.
  • Silica sand protects backing of your artifical grass.
  • Cool-Tech to help keep your turf cool over summer
  • Prevent static build up to make it a comfortable play surface for the family
  • It also helps to improve drainage.

We recommend 1 bag per 2 – 3 sqm of turf. Silica Sand Infill requirement depends on pile height and density of turf product you have installed.