Evergreen Artificial Turf Supply can save you a great deal of time and hassle in a cost-effective manner. Take advantage of our free sample service and see the quality for yourselves. Fake grass is a one-time investment that will stay there in its sheer glory for years to come. Our products are designed to exhibit the natural appeal and you’d be glad to know that they comply with the highest quality standards.

We have been in business for more than a decade, which means we have got the expertise that it takes to deliver the right product at the right price for any sort of requirement.

Artificial Grass for pets

You may run into several other options available on the market and may get perplexed by the extensive range of products to choose from. Further, it is not advisable to settle on one type of product just by looking at it as there are certain factors, like thickness, look and feel, yarn shapes, density, weight, which can influence your purchase. With us at your back, you can never go wrong with your purchase. We are happy to help so please get in touch or take a look at important factors when purchasing your new garden lawn

Owing to our bulk buying capacity and direct dealings with the manufacturer, we offer all grasses at a bargain price. We import in massive quantities and pass the savings over to you. We can help you save up to 50% on your purchase from us. Over our tenure so far, we have sold fake grass, with thickness ranging from 6mm to 45mm, to many homeowners and commercial entities across Canberra Central area, catering to their individual requirements.

We are proud to have served the people of Balwyn for almost thirty years. We also provide our services nearby in Belconnen, Ashburton and Blackburn. So, wherever you are and whatever you’re moving, call the experts!