How to lay Artificial Grass ?

How to lay Artificial Grass ?

How to lay Artificial Grass ?

Stage 1

Measure out the amount of artificial grass that you need, planning out a detailed layout of the area including any trees, or other obstacles that may be in the way.

Stage 2

Strip all of the existing grass, vegetation and weeds to prepare the foundation for the laying of the fake grass. Level and grade out the soil to the required levels and firm the ground thoroughly. If there are any large stones or other debris, remove these from the area.

Stage 3

Spread out a thin layer of sand over the soil to bind the soil. Level out the soil by screeding to the final desired levels and consolidate.

Stage 4

Lay a specialised fake turf fabric layer on top of the soil and sand base to halt any weed growth that may occur through the drainage holes in the artificial turf. This step is optional, however, is highly recommended for the best results.

Stage 5

Roll out the fake grass, making sure to keep your footing on the carpet and not the levelled soil base. Ensure that the carpet of ARTIFICIAL TURF is positioned properly to minimise the need for joins, cuts and wastage. If joining sections of the turf, make sure that they are laid with the pile running in the same direction. The final step here is to apply a small amount of kiln dried sand to keep the artificial turf carpet in the correct position.

Stage 6

Carefully cut the grass to size using an appropriate Stanley knife. Make sure they are sharp so as to avoid fraying on the edges.

Stage 7

If present, cut off and remove the manufacturing strip, butting the two edges of the pile together. Fold the edges back, positioning the tape with the smooth side down so that the edges of the fake lawn carpet meet at the center of the tape.

Using the self-adhesive joining tape, and place both ends in the center area and press the carpet on adhesive. Place weight on the seam to make sure that the joining is successful.

This stage requires care to be taken, to ensure that the joins are as unnoticeable to the eye as possible.

Stage 8

Apply the last of the dried sand, brushing onto the pile as you go. Avoid pouring all of the sand in the first application as this may result in certain areas having more sand than others.

Brush the sand into the pile as you go along, which will ensure that the grass and whether a dry during this period. Use a fairly stiff broom and brush the pile with vigor to encourage the artificial lawn pile to stand up.

The use of nails can also be used to fasten the fake lawn joins, using a strip underneath both sections of the carpet.

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