Silica Sand for Artificial Turf Infill

We certainly recommend that you use a silica sand infill on all types of artificial grass. We recommend not to use loose river sand from local landscape shops as it helps weeds to grow on top surface of your installed artificial lawn.

Even though some ‘non-infill’ grasses have been developed in recent years with high density, it’s still important to install silica sand infill to your artificial lawn.

Silica Sand will prolong the life of your artificial grass and improve the way it looks and performs.The only advantage of not using silica sand infill for artificial grass is that it makes the installation bit cheaper.

That’s why you’ll hear some manufacturers or installers advising against using silica sand infill – it helps them to offer a cheaper installation price and sell their services at competitive price, which might mean they are awarded the job over a competitor.

However, an artificial lawn should be seen as an investment in your property.Therefore, you should ensure that you get the best value for money, and to do that, it is important not to cut corners and use silica sand as infill.Cutting corners only results in a poor quality artificial lawn.

The whole idea of artificial grass is for it to provide you and your family with a stunning looking lawn that is mud and mess free, whilst also requiring very little maintenance.

But if you can’t use your outdoor lawn area due to a poor installation or short lifespan, you won’t get to experience any of those benefits and you’ll have wasted your hard-earned cash.

If your artificial grass has been installed correctly, you can expect it to stay looking like beautiful outdoor grass space long into the future.

Therefore, to get the best out of your artificial lawn, we highly recommend you use a silica sand infill only.

For average size Canberra Backyard approx 70 Square meters, you need 11 bags of silica sand which add extra approx $150 to your installation cost. We supply Silica sand infill for your recently installed artificial lawn needs. Silica Sand Product information is available here.

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