How to Choose Artificial Grass for Dogs

Installing synthetic turf by yourself not only helps you save a few dollars but also comes with the satisfaction of completing a great project with your own hands. The key to a successful artificial grass installation is knowing as much as you can about the process.

Installing artificial grass for dogs begins by choosing your preferred pet turf. Narrow down your selection with these tips:

  • Consider drainage carefully.

Drainage is a critical aspect of artificial grass for dogs. Good backing and base help direct urine away from your yard and reduce bad smells.

Search for dependable, permeable base material. It should be able to keep the synthetic grass backing apart from the soil adequately and have built-in tunnels to draw moisture out of your yard. If you’re unsure about your choice, contact the best artificial turf companies in your area. They usually have on-call and in-house installers you can ask for further guidance on pet turf drainage.

  • Select the right blades.

Artificial grass blades come in diverse heights, thicknesses, and textures to deliver various levels of beauty, comfort and function. For pet runs, consider a combination of curly blades and short straight blades for a surface that looks and feels natural for those happy paws. In terms of material, nylon is a good choice.

Ask your artificial grass company for recommendations based on the type of dog you have and what you want out of your petscape. Don’t settle for less than the best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose for your canine companion.

  • Research the infill.

Infill is what goes beneath the artificial grass, and it affects both the function and comfort of your yard. There are several types of infill that you can use for your DIY installation project. Choose one that caters to the specifics of your project.

On top of choosing pet-friendly grass blades, infill and drainage, make sure you have the right tools for the job. There are many available DIY manual guides online, so take your time doing research to increase your chances of a successful installation of artificial grass project.

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